Reduction of enamel solubility by sodium monophosphate


Feller, R.P., Shannon, I.L., Matranga, L.F., Osborne, H.W. & Perez, R.S. Reduction of enamel solubility by sodium monophosphate. J Dent Res 55, 3, 510-4 (1976). Copy at

Date Published:

1976 May-Jun


The preponderance of evidence indicates that sodium monofluorophosphate exerts a highly beneficial effect on dental caries incidence and enamel solubility. Optimal effects are obtained with a concentration of 4 X 10(3) ppm fluoride, by a four-minute application and by adjusting the pH to 4.0. The reaction of sodium monofluorophosphate with enamel is not temperature dependent. Sodium monofluorophosphate is significantly more protective than sodium fluoride in aqueous solutions at all equivalent fluoride concentrations and in pastes at concentrations exceeding 8 X 10(3) ppm fluoride.