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The Ludwig Center at Harvard brings together clinical and basic scientists from across the Harvard medical community to devise strategies to prevent resistance to cancer therapies. We integrate orthogonal perspectives, tools and investigative strategies across disciplines to address these questions and devise new approaches to maximize the impact of anticancer therapies.

Joan Brugge, PhD
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George Demetri, MD

Ludwig Team 2018

HMS Dana-Farber Mass General Brigham and Women's
Marcia Haigis Dave Barbie Bradley Bernstein Jon Aster
Galit Lahav Myles Brown Conor Evans Karen Cichowski
Peter Park Alan D'Andrea Aaron Hata Stephen Elledge
Chris Sander Stephanie Dougan Rakesh Jain Sandro Santagata
Arlene Sharpe Anthony Letai Jayaraj Rajagopal Beth Israel Deaconess
Peter Sorger Franziska Michor David Scadden Senthil Muthuswamy
Junying Yuan David Pellman   Pier Paolo Pandolfi
  Nelly Polyak   Frank Slack
  Kai Wucherpfennig Alex Toker
  Beth Mittendorf   Gerburg Wulf
  Geoff Shapiro