Polarity protein SCRIB interacts with SLC3A2 to regulate proliferation and tamoxifen resistance in ER+ breast cancer

Date Published:

2022 05 02


Estrogen receptor (ER) positive breast cancer represents 75% of all breast cancers in women. Although patients with ER+ cancers receive endocrine therapies, more than 30% develop resistance and succumb to the disease, highlighting the need to understand endocrine resistance. Here we show an unexpected role for the cell polarity protein SCRIB as a tumor-promoter and a regulator of endocrine resistance in ER-positive breast cancer cells. SCRIB expression is induced by estrogen signaling in a MYC-dependent manner. SCRIB interacts with SLC3A2, a heteromeric component of leucine amino acid transporter SLC7A5. SLC3A2 binds to the N-terminus of SCRIB to facilitate the formation of SCRIB/SLC3A2/LLGL2/SLC7A5 quaternary complex required for membrane localization of the amino acid transporter complex. Both SCRIB and SLC3A2 are required for cell proliferation and tamoxifen resistance in ER+ cells identifying a new role for the SCRIB/SLC3A2 complex in ER+ breast cancer.