Necroptosis and Cancer


Najafov, A., Chen, H. & Yuan, J. Necroptosis and Cancer. Trends Cancer 3, 4, 294-301 (2017). Copy at

Date Published:

2017 Apr


Necroptosis is a programmed lytic cell death pathway, deregulation of which is linked to various inflammatory disorders. Escape from programmed cell death and inflammation play a significant role in cancer, and therefore, investigating the role of necroptosis in cancer has been of high interest. Necroptosis has been shown to promote cancer metastasis and T cells death. Escape from necroptosis via loss of RIPK3 expression is a feature of some cancers. While necroptosis is a promising novel target for cancer therapies, further investigation into its biological role in carcinogenesis is warranted. In this article, we review the recently-identified interplay points between necroptosis and cancer, and outline major biological questions that require further inquiry on the road to targeting this pathway in cancer.