Charge properties of human pituitary and amniotic fluid prolactins


Rogol, A.D., Ben-David, M., Sheats, R., Rodbard, D. & Chrambach, A. Charge properties of human pituitary and amniotic fluid prolactins. Endocr Res Commun 2, 6-7, 379-402 (1975). Copy at

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The apparent isoelectric points (pI) in isoelectric focusing (IF) of human pituitary and amniotic fluid prolactin (hPRL), both non-iodinated and iodinated, were determined. Unresolved mixtures of pituitary hPRL isohormones E and F, and of at least five isohormones found in amniotic fluid, and plasma hPRL exhibit an average pI value of 6.5 - 6.7. Transient state pH values observed or previously reported for hPRL components range from pH 5.9 to 6.8 after correction to standard conditions. At pH 8.1, the major isohormone, hPRL-F, carriers a charge of 2.2 net protons per molecule. The net charge differences among isohormones E, F and G are compatible with acquisition or loss of single charged groups per 20,000 molecular weight. This net charge is similar to that of the least prolactin-bioactive major isohormone of human growth hormone (hGH-B), while the hGH with a bioactivity comparable to that of hPRL exhibits a net charge of 3.4 valence units. The "large" isohormones J and H increased net charges, by a factor of 2-3, in direct proportion to their size increments.